Strategy Consulting Service

At Pasqua, CPA we are dedicated to helping our clients make logical and sound financial decisions. To that end, we guide clients through our 3-step process: (1) Organize  (2) Analyze and  (3) Recommend. Our process culminates in the delivery of specific strategies designed to help each client realize their particular financial objectives.


As every client is unique, it is imperative that we fully understand not only a client’s current financial situation, including their liquidity needs and risk tolerances, but also their short and long-term financial goals.

Once we have a complete picture of our client’s current financial life, and goals for the future, we can then begin the process of determining the strategies necessary to accomplish his or her objectives. 


We analyze a client's situation as it relates to the following key financial planning areas: (1) business and succession planning; (2) investments; (3) income taxes; (4) business benefits; (5) personal retirement planning; (6) estate planning and (7) insurance.

While there are unique strategies for each area, it is our coordination of these strategies across the seven financial planning areas that not only creates efficiencies, but avoids costly errors that can have a significant negative impact on net worth.


Once formulated, we provide our clients with our recommendations together with the analysis for each recommended strategy.

Our clients do not receive the usual financial planning book that few would ever fully read. Instead, clients receive reports regarding targeted financial planning areas, the recommended strategy/strategies to implement, and clear concise analyses to back it up.

Our clients also receive peace of mind knowing that we work solely in their best interest in our capacity as fiduciaries, and that we never receive a commission on any recommended product or outside service. In addition, each client receives the combined expertise of a CPA, a CFA charterholder, and a CFP professional.