ERISA Retirement Plan Services

This service is for those clients who are looking to implement or convert an ERISA regulated retirement plan, or for those who need continuous fiduciary based investment advisory services to manage the investment offerings in their plan and educate participants.

Service Provider Analysis

When implementing a new plan or converting an existing plan to a new service provider we consider the size, demographics and goals of the client and then perform due diligence reviews to identify the most proficient, service oriented, and cost-efficient retirement plan service providers that best match our client’s needs.

Once the new service provider(s) have been determined we assist in the entire transition process and then integrate our ongoing services through the new provider.

Ongoing Retirement Plan Services

Pasqua CPA provides ERISA 3(21) and 3(38) registered investment advisory services to the plan sponsor and fiduciary services to plan participants.

Plan Sponsor Services
We provide plan sponsors with the independent financial expertise that ERISA requires in order to prudently select and monitor the investment alternatives offered to plan participants.

We provide all of our services in a fiduciary capacity following the Center for Fiduciary Studies’ “Prudent Practices for Investment Fiduciaries” as reviewed and endorsed by the Fiduciary Task Force of the AICPA.

Plan Participant Services
Our goal is to help all employees make informed decisions regarding their 401(k) participation, deferral amount, investment selections and plan options to choose from. We understand that no two investors are alike and therefore there is no single approach, tool, or resource to accomplish this goal.

Instead, we offer a highly customized service utilizing a variety of approaches that accommodate a wide-range of participant behavioral patterns, needs, and interests to ensure every participant gets the education and help they need to make informed decisions.