We are Wealth Advisors
for Business Owners

We Help Business Owners Implement the Right Planning Strategies and Maximize Personal Net Worth
Thomas Pasqua, CPA
Over 40 Years Experience
Jonathan Pasqua CFA, CFP®
Over 12 Years Experience

An Unparalleled Team Servicing Every Client

EVERY client is serviced by the team of Tom and Jon Pasqua, combining their expertise as a CPA, CFA® charter-holder, and Certified Financial Planner® professional - the gold standard designations in the financial planning and investment industry - to give business owners an unparalleled experience.

*Less than 4% of Financial Advisors in the US are a CPA; Only 1.7% of Financial Advisors in the US are CFA Charterholders; less than 6% of financial advisors are a CFP® Professional.

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Does This Sound Like You?

Business Owner 1

I have many different advisors, but none taking that 40,000 ft view of the big picture to help coordinate all my financial strategies in pursuit of my long-term goals.
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Business Owner 2

I’m a successful business owner who wants to get their financial house in order, knows what has to be done, but always gets too busy with more urgent matters.
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Business Owner 3

My business and finances are now at a level of success and sophistication where I have simply outgrown some of the advisors I currently have.
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About Us

For over 20 years Pasqua, CPA has acted in a fiduciary capacity providing business owners with financial planning services focused on enabling their businesses to help them achieve their personal long and short term financial goals.  To that end we are relentless in our pursuit of understanding the intricacies of the following areas of opportunity and concern to business owners.

Business and succession planning; income taxes; investments; business benefits planning; personal retirement planning; estate planning and insurance planning.

We then use that combined knowledge together with bringing the joint professional expertise of a CPA, CFA and CFP to each client engagement to offer business owners what we believe to be an unparalleled service.

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